Ensembles I've worked with:

  • Concerto Köln (concerts, opera production, radio- CD- and television recordings)
  • La Petite Bande (concerts and CD production)
  • Freiburg Baroque Orchestra (concerts and video production)
  • Academy for Early Music Berlin (concerts and radio recordings)
  • Cantus Cölln (concerts and radio recordings)
  • Le Concert Spiritual (concerts, radio and television recordings)
  • Das Kleine Konzert under Hermann Max (CD productions and concerts)
  • Collegium Cartusianum under Peter Neumann (CD productions and concerts)
  • musica fiata (concerts and CD production)
  • Ensemble Cristofori, France (concerts and CD productions)
  • Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble (concerts and CD production)
  • l’arpa festante, Munich (concerts and CD production)
  • Ensemble 1704, Prague (concerts and opera production)
  • Since 1996 regular concerts with l’arco Hannover
  • since 1993 regular concerts with Berlin Baroque
  • continued collaboration with the Main Baroque orchestra, the Telemannisches Collegium Michaelstein and some others

in Switzerland:

  • Member of the Capriccio Baroque Orchestra since 2005 (own concert series and choir accompaniment, CD and radio recordings)
  • Member of the cantus firmus consort, Solothurn (concerts, opera productions, CD recordings)
  • La Cetra, Basel (concerts, opera productions)
  • musica fiorita, Basel (concerts and CD productions)
  • ensemble arcimboldo (concerts and CD productions)
  • between 2006 and 2012 several concerts with the Basel Chamber Orchestra