About me

Childhood: talent and hard work

I started playing the trumpet at the music school in my hometown Oelsnitz / Vogtland when I was 7 years old. Diligent practice, talent and the often heard advice of my parents: "Boy practice - then maybe you can see the world - music could make this possible." brought me to Dresden at the age of 15 to "Carl Maria von Weber" high school for music. I had lessons with Peter Lohse, solo trumpeter at the Staatskapelle Dresden. I graduated the orchestral music course with diploma in 1993.

Journey to the sources of baroque music

In 1989 the wall fell and suddenly the world was open for me. The music continued to be a important part of my life and took me to Berlin in 1993. At the Academy for Historical Performance Practice, I had the opportunity to study the playing of the baroque trumpet. I was familiar with Torelli, Vejvanovsky, Bach and Handel from numerous concerts for trumpet and organ: But now I got closer to the sources!

Beeing a member of the Ensemble Berlin Baroque, workshops with Friedemann Immer, lessons with Edward H. Tarr, ensemble projects with Robert Hill and Tom Koopmann and also many hours spent in the archives of the Berlin State Library and Kremsier (Czech Republic) gave me first insights into the Early Music. Numerous concerts, CD recordings and editions at the Walhall Magdeburg publishing house and Elisabeth Editions accompanied me in Berlin.

Deep insights into early music

In autumn 1999, my curiosity led me to Basel, where I began postgraduate studies in Early Music at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The lessons with Edward H. Tarr and with Jean-François Madeuf enabled me to further develop my skills on the natural trumpet. Various subjects gave me a profound insight into historical performance practice.

Traveling and making music

Projects with leading Early Music ensembles took me through Europe. Personal highlights were concert tours with cantus coeln to Moscow, with the Basel Chamber Orchestra to Manchester or with the Berlin Academy of Early Music to Danzig. I was also invited to Damascus and Bogota as a musician and teacher.

Finding a new home and going on with music

I have been living in Switzerland with my family for twenty years. I was also able to establish myself musically here. For example with the Capriccio Baroque Orchestra, with whom I have a long-term collaboration and friendship as an ensemble member and administrative employee. As a freelance sound engineer, I was able to support many artists and ensembles with demo CD or concert recordings. A teaching position at the Music School in the Southern Black Forest still connects me with my native country and gives me the opportunity to pass on my experiences to the younger generation.